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Scottish Coal have now submitted their additional information to support their application to Midlothian Council. The CAAOC group have looked at these documents and believe they fail to address most of the key concerns raised by the local communities affected, including:

  • Negative impact on the local economy – Scottish Coal have again failed to provide any details of the number of real new jobs they will be providing in the area. Is it not likely that the workforce will primarily comprise workers relocated from  their Shewington site (Rosewell)? They have taken no account of the views of existing businesses within the area (the vast majority of which they have failed to identify), many of whom have stated they will be detrimentally affected and are strongly opposed to the proposal.
  • Ground Stability – Scottish Coal have confirmed their awareness of the former lime workings surrounding Cousland and produced a plan of the workings based upon available records but they have offered no additional commentary regarding the potential for ground collapse. They claim that their original submissions addressed this adequately, but we have seen nothing which specifically addresses the matter.  The extent of the lime workings is still unknown and we note that Scottish Coal have omitted the annotation from their plans of the old limeworkings  which states that the flooded mine workings are un-surveyed, and therefore their full extent is unknown.

Read CAAOC’s latest report summarising these concerns and why we believe Scottish Coal have failed to address them.

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